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Joselito Macapagal

Discipline: Visual Artist

Graduating in 1976 with BA in Fine Arts from the Philippines, he paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel. All of his paintings are based on his keen awareness of nature and everyday objects.  
 The human form and the expression of emotions and social conditions also inspire him.
  He gets influence from the Impressionist masters because of their use of bright colours and bold brush strokes. This makes it easy to switch from representational to abstract painting based on his inspirations.

Currently, he is using oil pastel and acrylic for his paintings.   He participated in several group exhibitions in Manila prior to immigrating to Canada in 1989 with his family, and since coming to Canada has also participated in various group and solo exhibitions. We would like to add that since becoming a member several years ago we have watched Joselitio's technique and talent improve to the degree that he was awarded an adjudicated  2nd place award in the Midsummer Arts Dream. Well done.


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