Free Concert October 26 2017

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Free Concert October 26 2017

We are presenting another Lunchtime Concert. This time we are featuring selected members of the Canadian Chinese YC Orchestra.  They will be performing using traditional Chinese instruments and they create the most beautiful sounds, like music dancing on the air!  We were fortunate to hear this group perform following the Richmond Arts Awards and found ourselves entranced.  In many ways these traditional tools are similar to instruments many are familiar with such as a harp or other stringed items, or perhaps it is the other way around, the harp we know was copied from theirs?
The writer does not have enough knowledge to determine much, other than  that these musicians create wonderful music.

We were happy to be able to secure them and the space at the performance hall at the Richmond Cultural Center, courtesy of the City of Richmond, and the date is set for October 26th 2017,  between 12:15 - 1:15. It is free and you are welcome to bring your lunch, or not, and enjoy this wonderful entertainment.

This is another way that the Community Arts Council or Richmond strives to support the arts, artists and artisans while engaging the public, we hope you enjoy it.